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Demand for our offer for spring 2019 in Excel format via email:

We are proud to grow plants of outstanding quality. To be able to guarantee this quality, we spend a lot of time on the maintenance of our plants. Depending on the plant, they are trimmed one or more times a year to give them their compact, sturdy shape. We also make sure that our plants are undercut regularly so that we can provide a good root ball.



This spring, we can offer the following plants:

Buxus sempervirens
Beehives H100 till H150, balls dia 110 till 300, cones H200 till 250, multistems H250, domes dia 100 till 300

Carpinus betulus
Beehives H300/350, block on stem H300/350

Ilex aquifolium
Beehives H150 till 250, multistems (beehive) H200 till 250, multistems (umbrella) H150 till 200, shrubs H200 till 300/+

Ilex aquifolium 'Alaska'
Hedging plants H125 till 250

Osmanthus burkwoodii
Multistems (umbrella) H100 till H200

Osmanthus heterophyllus
Multistems (loose) H200 till 300/+, shrubs H150 till 250

Taxus baccata
Beehives H100 till H350, blocks H300 till 350, balls dia 110 till dia 250/+, piramids H250 till 350, hedging elements H200 till 300/+, hedging plants H175 till 300/+, cones H300 till 350, loose shrubs H150 till 250, multistems (loose) H400/450, domes dia 100 till 200, shrubs H450 till 550, topiary



If you would like to receive more photos than those displayed at the website, you can always contact us by e-mail. To get an impression of our Taxus topiary, we recommend you to visit our nursery because there are many different trimming shapes.

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