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Meeusen Michel Tree Nursery

Focus on quality

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The Meeusen Michel Tree Nursery is a family business, started in 1995, where we put our heart and soul into our work. We try to grow our plants on different plots of land in such a way that they have the space to grow sturdy and healthy. Depending on the needs of the plant species, the plants are pruned either once or several times a year in order to obtain a compact, firm shape. Our nursery guarantees quality both above and below ground to ensure re-growth after transplanting. That is why our plants are regularly trimmed or transplanted. Our loyal customers come back primarily for the quality of our plants in combination with our flexible service. 

Meeusen Michel


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Would you like to see the quality of our plants with your own eyes? Our photos provide a first impression of our tree nursery. Get inspiration from the garden creations that our customers realised with our plants.

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Our customers

Everyone is welcome at Meeusen Michel Tree Nursery. We target a wide audience and have both smaller solitary plants and spherical shapes for small gardens; as well as solitary plants that stand out nicely in an average large garden and large hedge plants that guarantee privacy immediately after planting.

Wholesale, professional growers

Landscapers, architects, garden designers

Private customers

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