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Welcome to Meeusen Michel Tree Nursery in Essen, in the province of Antwerp

A wide selection of solitary plants, hedge plants and shaped plants

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For more than 20 years, we have been cultivating and caring for unique plants on several plots of around 12 hectares. You will find different types of solitary plants, hedge and shaped plants. We are specialised in a wide selection of Taxus, Osmanthus, Buxus, Ilex, Fagus, ... 

We aim for quality both above and below ground in order to guarantee re-growth after transplanting.


Quality at all times

We started in 2016 with many new, young plants expanding our range of multi-stem solitary plants. We expect to be able to offer these plants for sale in a few years time.
Furthermore, we are actively working to provide optimal care for our soils and to avoid any form of disease. Depending on the plant species, our plants are pruned several times a year in order to obtain a compact, firm shape. We also take care to regularly undercut or transplant the plants so that they develop a firm root ball.


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We prefer to receive your order at least a few days in advance of the planned delivery date. This gives us time to best prepare the plants in order to guarantee a smooth delivery. The prices that you receive from us are always exclusive VAT and delivery. If desired, we can also organise the delivery of your order. For this we call upon a reliable, flexible transport company so that the delivery time is kept to a minimum.

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